Jindun's talent philosophy is expressed as : Talents Oriented, Team Upmost, and Performance Prevails.

Following "Talents Oriented, Team Upmost, and Performance Prevails.", Jindun develops and grows because of talents.

     The talents needed by Jindun is like this: With Professional Skills, With Learning Ability, With Sense of Responsibility and Agreeing on Jindun's Value Idea. Such talents are the basis for Jindun's development and growing.


      The team which Jindun needs to build-up is like this: Complementary Ability, Common  Methods, Sharing Responsibility and Same Target. Such team is the steel Great Wall for constant growing of Jindun, and Jindun enables talents to merge into such team by means of human-resource integration.


     The standard of Jindun for viewing talents is like this: Result Oriented, Additional Values and Efficiency & Benefits. These standards are the guidance for ever-growing of Jindun , and Jindun evaluates talents and assists the growing of talents through such standards.




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